Model Call

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So glad you're here for the first step!


This step helps me determine who gets chosen to model for my brand. If chosen, you will receive a credit for $200 to choose what products you would like in your home and a complimentary 8x10" print of an image of your choosing.

These images are for use in my portfolio and does require signing a model release. If you wish to not have them shown to potential clients, posted on social media, or used in my advertising, you can absolutely book a full session instead through my contact page.

Canvases, Prints, Wall Art, Albums, Folio Boxes, etc. Please let me know here what you are most interested in.


No modeling experience is needed. We are looking for normal everyday people & families to represent our brand.

Applicants must be willing to sign a model release. Images taken during these sessions will be used for marketing & advertising on social media, websites and printed products. If you change your mind about wanting to sign a release that is okay. However, by electing to not sign an image release you forfeit the model call discounts and will be asked to pay in full for your session.

If you are selected, Savanna will contact you to schedule your session. Please note, if selected you will need to sign your booking contract and pay the retainer within 24 hours to reserve your spot. 

A complimentary luxury photoshoot including pre session consultation, client experience guide, 1-2 hour session, full posing guidance, professional retouching of all final images, & separate image reveal & ordering session. Our usual session fee covers the shoot itself, as well as the creation of our artwork, & your separate day image reveal appointment is normally $350, but it is waived for this model call. So you pay $0. 

You will also receive a complimentary 8×10″ print of your favorite image, $200 discount off of any product collection, as well as a $50 print credit towards any item on our A la Carte Menu. Your booking retainer will also be credited back to you, giving you a total discount of $350 off product collections and prints.

Due to a high number of last minute reschedules & cancellations there is a $100 non refundable retainer required to book your session.

This amount will be credited back as a print credit at your image reveal. So, you’ll have a $200 discount off any of our collections, and a $100 print credit that will automatically be applied to your total.

If you were to cancel your retainer is non refundable. Further, if you were to decide not to order any products or digital images the retainer would not be credited back.